Single Review: Versace On The Floor by Bruno Mars

The 31-year-old American singer and songwriter Bruno Mars has once again hit a record-breaking song from his latest 24k Magic album entitled “Versace On The Floor” A song where can we hear everywhere we go around the world.

The official video of “Versace On The Floor” is cherry-picked by Bruno from the 1995’s songs such as ‘Dreaming of You’ of Selena and ‘Man in the Mirror’ of Michael Jackson.

According to Bruno’s interview with Rolling Stone, he really wanted to released songs that can be played even when years have passed. Compared to today’s music where it all talks about booty, sex and relationship, Bruno Mars tried to drive his car at the middle of the night while listening to his “Versace On The Floor” with windows widely open along with the road traffic and it suits his mood, very classy and emotional.

Right there at that moment, he realized that this song is going be there played by millennial even when new songs of other artists are released.

For the meantime let’s check out the meaning of those best lines of this super sexy song “Versace On The Floor” and why do people really love this song ever since it was released.

Let’s take our time tonight, girl. Above us all the stars are watching.

A romantic scene of every couple out there, who would like to spend more time with the person they love without any worries at all, just seizing the moment.

We’re dancing all alone, there’s no reason to hide what we’re feeling inside.

Telling you that there’s nothing wrong to be true to yourself and let the person you love how you feel towards them. Otherwise there’s no other perfect time to confess it but now.

I love that dress, but you won’t need it anymore, let’s just kiss ‘til we’re naked baby.

The sexiest part of the lyrics pertaining on how two people love each other, being submissive and trusting each other.


Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s new single ‘Shape of You’ is way too different from the genre of his songs for the past years that are totally either romantic or sentimental that you can relate on to. The introduction of the song was accompanied by an island style beat where one drives to dance from the beginning of the tune.

While Ed Sheeran is still different from the other artists who just released their songs that talk about booty or getting hook up, Ed’s way of showing how a relationship works nowadays are being made by simply getting your feet on the club, but it doesn’t stop there.

Me and my friends at the table doing shots, you come over and start up a conversation with just me and trust me I’ll give it a chance now.

When you thought you can never find love in the bar, someone just caught your attention and both of you started to know each other. From strangers to friends and both of you are hoping that this could last for a lifetime. Isn’t it the most specific description of how relationship sparks nowadays?

Your love was handmade for somebody like me, follow my lead, I may be crazy, don’t mind me.

At the first meet up of the two strangers just by simply talking to each other for long hours in Bellingham, they might feel that they love each other and thus, believe that they should dream of their lives together. They’d think if falling in love makes them crazy so let it be, at the end beating the odds together when the world is against you is nothing.

Ed Sheeran clearly made his statement; old ways of courting women is entirely gone. The true value of courtship has been forgotten.