Best Music for Labor

When I had my daughters, I loved these tracks:


1. Plateau – Phaeleh

  • The best!! Makes you want to circle your hips around – this makes the labor go faster.

2. Beats Antique – Beauty Beats

  • Mystically beautiful. Feels like a belly-dancing beat.

3. Beats Antique – Tabla Toy

  • A little bit of a slower beat, but still excellent for labor.

A pregnant belly dancer!



My friend, Jennifer, whose husband works for, is at week 39, and asked me for a list of music to dance to in order to bring on labor. I recommended her the above songs.

People talk all the time about progressing labor with music and dance.

I found that it relaxed me and got me into the mood.


Best Party Playlist

My boyfriend and I hosted a party with our best friends at our loft in Lincoln, NE and…

Here are some of the best songs that we played for our buddies:


1. Avicii – Broken Arrow

Such a great beat!! We played this one over and over:

2. Avicii v. Nicky Romero – I Could be the one.

I love this one as it’s kind of romantic. Did I tell you we’re celebrating our first anniversary next week?

3. Ariana Grande – Side to Side

This song is the  sexiest one out there. Can you guess the hidden meaning behind the lyrics? It’s pretty bad 😛

Here’s another great listing of top party songs: Top 10 Songs


I’ve spent some time reading about music in general recently, and I found this article from the New York Times captivating. He has a pretty negative view about today’s music, but has a spot-on assessment about the meaning behind these tracks.


Anyway, we had a great party and had to hire a excavating companies for some damage to the driveway. Impeccable job!